Organizational Strategy in Practice

By Sue Iannone A struggling L&D organization can exhibit a range of characteristics. Maybe its staff feel overworked and under-resourced. Perhaps it operates as a reactive organization instead of proactively pursuing strategic initiatives. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a strategic reboot. That’s where our latest white paper comes into play. In Building an Organizational […]

Learning Styles and Unicorns

By Carla Torgerson Do you believe in unicorns?  It’s a safe bet that you don’t.  After all, unicorns are a myth, and everyone knows it.  But what about “learning styles,” the idea that each person is a certain kind of learner, and learns best when material is delivered to them in their own preferred style […]

Taking the Pain Out of the Medical, Legal, & Regulatory Review…Maybe

By Sue Iannone “It’s like pulling teeth.” “I’d rather stick a needle in my eye.” “About as much fun as a box of razor blades.” Those are all colorful expressions, for sure.  If you asked 10 people from biopharma L&D teams what they think about the Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process, you’d probably […]

Barriers to Creating Effective Microlearning

By Carla Torgerson and Sue Iannone As we’ve discussed in previous articles, microlearning techniques can be extremely useful for a range of training applications.  These include preparing learners for live training events, post-event reinforcement, stand-alone training programs, or performance support. But, microlearning isn’t devoid of challenges.  The Association for Talent Development (ATD) did some research […]