Market Access

Designed for Impact. A simplified training solution for a complex topic.
It's one of the most important things for your sales team to understand, yet the market access knowledge gap is putting many companies at a disadvantage.

Our Solution: 15 Microlearning Lessons and Selling Scenario Builder

Along with 15 targeted lessons, you'll have access to the Selling Scenario Builder, allowing you to create your own case using patient, drug category, and benefit inputs.
Introduction to Managed Markets
Benefit Design
Care Delivery
Commercial Insurance
Cost Sharing
Dual Eligibles
Payers and PBMs
Retail vs. Specialty
Market Access Drug Flow
Pricing and Contracting
NEW: Speciality Pharmacy
NEW: Business of Oncology
NEW: Oral Oncology Drugs

Microlearning For Maximum Impact

The days of dense, mind numbing resources are behind us. Choose training that makes the most of your team's time.

Off-The-Shelf For Ease Of Implementation

We make it easy to plug in: it's SCORM compliant and can easily be uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS).

Selling Scenario Builder For Real-World Application

Learners manipulate variables such as coverage, drug type, and restrictions to identify insights they need for a specific selling scenario.
"I spent decades working as a Learning Leader for pharma and biotech companies. The biggest gap I saw was in the reps' understanding of how the health system operates. We've designed an off-the-shelf solution that can be used to instill foundational market access knowledge in new hires or level up existing employees.

You don't have to build your own foundational training. Our solution addresses the market access knowledge gap head on with high-impact microlearning lessons."
Sue Iannone
Partner and President, Bull City Blue


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