How “Micro” Does Microlearning Need to Be?
By Carla Torgerson and Sue Iannone If microlearning can be any learning and the common thread is its length, then the next natural […]
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What is Microlearning?
By Carla Torgerson and Sue Iannone “Microlearning” is a huge buzz word in learning and development (L&D) these days.  It seems like everyone […]
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Six Tips for Reaching the Life Sciences “Modern Learner”
By Sue Iannone You’ve heard about the “Modern Learner” before.  It’s a hot topic in the learning and development (L&D) space today.  Who […]
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Is Interactivity Always Best?
By Nathan Pienkowski It’s almost a given these days that learning programs need to be interactive.  Instructional designers are constantly looking for ways […]
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Behavioral Objectives vs. Learning Objectives
By Sue Iannone For any learning and development (L&D) program, training managers and directors will create learning objectives.  These objectives articulate the discreet […]
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Are “Modern Learners” Really That Different?
By Nathan Pienkowski In recent years, a lot of ink has been spilled regarding the idea of the “Modern Learner.”  In this article, […]
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Dealing with the Limits on Human Perception, Attention, & Cognition, Part Two
Part Two of a Two-Part Series By Nathan Pienkowski In Part I of this series, we discussed the fact that we humans have […]
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Are You a Performance Consultant…or an Order Taker?
By Sue Iannone Imagine this:  You are a training manager in the L&D Department of a biotech company, supporting the leading brand.  The […]
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Dealing with the Limits on Human Perception, Attention, & Cognition
Part One of a Two-Part Series By Nathan Pienkowski Much has been said about the “Modern Learner.”  The concept basically states that today’s […]
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Proving Your Worth: Training Business Reviews
By Sue Iannone In life sciences, business reviews are conducted frequently in the commercial areas, especially sales, marketing, and market access.   During these […]
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Human-Centered Learning
By Nathan Pienkowski Imagine you’re planning to design a new product that will help its users solve a specific problem. Before beginning the […]
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When Business Objectives Trump Learning Objectives
By Nathan Pienkowski Should a Learning and Development (L&D) organization deliver above and beyond the call of duty, going “all in” to apply […]
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