Setting a new bar for sales meetings!


In an increasingly competitive environment, a global medical diagnostics company was struggling to adapt to the challenges of the marketplace. The Account Managers were having a hard time being fully competent in all four of their modalities while also struggling to keep up their knowledge of competitors and how to sell competitively. 

Even with a tenured sales team, this was a rigorous training need. In addition, the training team was small and unable to address this need without additional support.


We understood that in order to sell competitively, there were layers of knowledge of which the sales team had to be fully competent in-:

  • All four of the modalities
  • Their competitors
  • How to sell against their competitors 
  • How to adapt to the various roles they would be selling to along the patient workflow journey

Furthermore, tenured sales teams typically have high expectations of training. We needed to ensure the training was engaging, fun and truly motivating for them to want to learn more about each of the modalities, their competitors, and how to sell competitively.


A robust, interactive, and themed training program was created to address the knowledge and skills objectives while infusing fun and competitive elements that fostered individual and team collaboration. A Train-the-Trainer was led by Bull City Blue to ensure the facilitators were prepared and ready to deliver the workshops. The theme was ‘Around the World’ and each of the four workshops was an island that represented a competitor. Each workshop included various activities ranging from game boards to understand the customer’s pain points to completing knowledge workmats in a short time frame to earn points. The team earned passport stamps through activities, role plays, and building out elevator pitches and proof points. With such a competitive group, it was fast paced with teams up against each other and battling for points. 

  1. Image from Gordon on all deliverables together
  2. Facilitator Guide
  3. Passport Pics
  4. Game Instructions


The client provided tremendous feedback during and after the training on the approach, deliverables, and effectiveness of the training program. Meeting surveys revealed a higher level of confidence regarding selling competitively. 

Furthermore, this is now a core part of their New Hire Training and in their words, “A new bar is being set for our sales meetings!”

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