Motivating eLearning Saves Tech Support, Improves Analytics Tool Mastery

Making It Stick

Our client’s superstar analytics talent was spending too much time providing tech support, while the sales team struggled to leverage a key analytics tool.


One of the ways our client, a specialty biotech company, maintains its edge is by constantly improving contact-management analytics. When technology takes a big step forward and new tools are released, sales team training must follow.

Unfortunately, not all training sticks. When a set of smarter analytics tools were rolled out, followed by traditional training, our client’s analytics team was consumed by support queries. Our client realized that their traditional training approach hadn’t been enough. They needed training that would truly engage users, spur on specific measurable outcomes, and generate genuine enthusiasm about data.


BCB developed a 15-minute superhero-themed e-learning module with a strong element of gamification. While learners had fun earning their superhero capes and tights, they learned the fundamentals of the analytics tools. In this way, BCB’s instructional design team tapped into their audience’s internal motivation to create a learning experience that would stick.


The response was phenomenal. The sales team’s requests for tech support dropped significantly. And the sales team and leadership were so enthusiastic about the program, they presented the team with an innovation award at the company’s annual sales conference.

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