Gaming Helps Specialty Sales Force Leverage Sophisticated Knowledge and Tools

Capturing the Modern Learner

Our client’s sales force had complex business intelligence at their fingertips, but only experts could use it to its fullest advantage.


As in many companies, our client’s Global Business Intelligence (GBI) team supports the sales team by providing the data and tools they need to be successful. For this client, a specialty biotech company, contact management analytics are often the key to identifying practitioners who are as rare as the diseases they treat.

When used well, these tools can help the sales team work smarter and reach their goals. In our client’s case, the tools were not fully understood. As a result, the strategic potential of data analytics was not being realized, and the GBI team was experiencing the additional work of answering frequent questions about the tools. These one-at-a-time interventions made it difficult for GBI and the sales professionals to work efficiently.


We focused on the sales team’s performance gaps with a three-part, interactive training series and leaderboard designed to capture and reward the attention of modern learners. Modern learners are highly visual and respond to interactive, micro-learning segments accessible on whatever platform they have on hand at a given moment. Successful material will quickly capture their attention, then sustain it with intermittent rewards. The longer they can be enticed to participate in a training activity, the closer they’ll be to mastering the content.


Our client achieve a 100% participation rate in the program and a mastery rate of close to 80% (particularly impressive for a program that was not mandatory, and launched during a busy time of year).

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