Supporting a Top-10 Biopharmaceutical Company’s International Growth with Global Learning Strategy

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Our client, a leading biopharmaceutical company with a global footprint, faced a significant challenge.


Acquisitions combined with strong global demand for their products had resulted in rapid growth. And on the heels of this growth, the company was preparing to launch multiple new products within a five-year window. In anticipation of these new product launches, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of international operations became a top priority. Our client’s Global Learning and Development team was focused on a significant sore spot—global launch training. A high degree of variability in country-level training capabilities made the launch of any global training initiative extremely challenging. Our client knew they needed an experienced global-learning partner, so they turned to BCB for assistance.


We created a Global Launch Training Toolkit that aligned the company’s standards for the creation of training content at the global level. We established processes and designed the tools necessary to deliver globalized standards on localized levels, a critical component of a successful international learning strategy. Ultimately, the standardized communication and process improvements our client put in place became the foundation for a lasting global-optimization initiative.


Our client’s staff members worldwide use the Global Launch Training Toolkit to streamline new product launches. Standardized communication and process improvements have dissolved the chaos and uncertainty that once surrounded global launch training. Long term, the company’s adherence to a continuous improvement plan will help them align procedures incrementally as their business evolves in the future.