Disease & Product Knowledge

Do you have a new product? Or perhaps a new indication or line extension? Whether you need to educate clinical team members about an emerging therapeutic area or prepare a commercial team for the launch of a new product, these areas are critical to building a solid foundation for your learner’s success. We are equipped to develop the learning solutions your commercial team needs, with common areas of focus including cause, diagnosis, treatment, package insert, clinical trials, and marketplace. Our team members combined have created custom content in over 50 disease states, solutions for various job roles, and learning pathways for over 20 product launches.

Reimbursement & Access

The reimbursement and access landscape in the US marketplace has become increasingly complex. We have created dozens of courses that have made tens of thousands of sales representatives and account managers more knowledgeable and effective. Representative topics include: Commercial Payers, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, Specialty Pharmacy, Reimbursement & Access, Payment Distribution, and New Delivery Models.

Selling Skills

Selling pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, and devices has never been more challenging. That means the stakes are higher and each decision-maker interaction is more valuable. Your sales teams can’t afford to be anything short of excellent. Our team members have created selling skills learning solutions in “live” and digital formats for over 100,000 sales professionals.

Coaching Skills

Regardless of how products or technology or the marketplace change, one fact remains the same: Coaching is the most effective method of reinforcing learning and driving the behavioral change that leads to business results. Our coaching solutions help “calibrate” your front line managers, creating a uniform understanding of what “meets” and “exceeds” look like. We can work within your existing coaching model—or help you create a new one.

Account Management

In an increasingly “managed” healthcare marketplace, the need for highly competent managed markets account managers has never been more critical. Communicating the clinical and economic value of products, marshalling company resources, and negotiating placement, account managers have the ability to impact hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for their companies. That’s why training for this historically underserved audience is so important. Our scenario-driven solutions help account managers succeed in complex, multi-level selling environments.

MSL Business Acumen

The role of the Medical Science Liaison is evolving. In many health science companies, these team members are asked not only to interact with KOLs and high-value decision makers, but also to be part of an account team working to secure advantageous positioning for the company’s products. This has placed many clinically-focused MSLs at a disadvantage. Our MSL learning solutions focus on core communications skills, and on introducing MSLs to managed market terms and concepts necessary to be effective account team members.

Learning Leader Effectiveness

Do you have years of leadership experience, but are facing some new challenges? Are you adding new learning leaders to your team? Do you take care of your organization’s learning needs before your own? The dynamic and evolving life sciences marketplace requires that learning professionals be more savvy than ever in meeting their organization’s learning, talent, and development needs. We have first-hand experience in coaching learning leaders, building talent, and leading training departments. Our solutions accelerate the ability of you and your team to effectively produce positive business outcomes.